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Lockstep Collect keeps your cash flowing in the new normal.

Go 100% digital and collect cash an average of 12 days faster each month with Lockstep Collect.

Put simply, we help collect cash 4 ways.

  • 100% Digital Workspace
    Obtain the tools to manage collections activities of a remote team successfully & seamlessly from anywhere.
  • Automated Customer Communication
    Deliver personalized, timely communication to every customer based on the status of their invoices.
  • Customer Self-service
    Give customer online access to invoices, payments, and communications to save time for everyone.
  • Collections Activity Management
    Focus your team on the next best activity and give them 360-degree view of customers to complete activities faster.
Cash Forecasting COVID-19

“Lockstep Collect is a great tool for us collectors to make it easy for all who are faced with working from home for the time being. Stay home and use Lockstep Collect!!! 😊”

Credit Manager, Pattison Sign Group

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Through AR automation, you can automate over 90% of your customer communications and be up and running in weeks 100% remotely.

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