Collect cash 12 days faster. Ask us how.

Unlock the secret to timely customer payments with the #1 AR Automation Platform.

With Anytime Collect, you can automate over 90% of your customer communications and decrease your DSO dramatically.

According to recent studies while new AR solutions are available the lack of adoption is one of the biggest obstacles to reducing DSO (days sales outstanding.) The consequence is cash flow is bottle-necked by manual collection task.

Powered by a rules-based sequencing engine, Anytime Collect provides automated customer communications, an online customer payment portal, and an accounting service desk all of which makes your bank balance bigger.

Anytime Collect customers can:

  • Access invoices.
  • View a statement.
  • Make a payment.
  • Create a report.

  • Dispute an invoice.

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What accounting or ERP systems do you use?

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High-performance companies large and small run their collections on Anytime Collect.

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