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Lockstep Collect integrates easily with your systems, policies, and processes.

Anytime Collect Communications

Scale your outreach!

Automated Customer Communications

  • Keep customers up-to-date 
    Sequencing automates outbound communications according to your collections policies at each stage of invoice aging.
  • Personalize your communications
    Templates generate branded communications and automatically populate relevant contact, company, invoice, and other data.
  • Reach customers where they are
    Multi-channel delivery reaches your customer during their business hours using either text, email, and automated calls.
  • Automate any communication
    Sequencing triggers an outbound communication on any business rule such as new customer, customer anniversary, and early payment offer.

Clean out your inbox!

Customer Self-service

  • Share information with customers
    Secure access to invoices, documents, and payment history gives customers the data they need to pay you.
  • Make it easy to pay
    Online payment provides customers convenient payment options of ACH, EFT, or credit card and automates cash application.
  • Resolve issues faster
    Online disputes and promise-to-pays gives one place for both parties to efficiently collaborate and resolve issues.
  • Stay connected
    Contact management ensures you and your customers are working with the right people to process invoices and payments.
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Collections Cockpit Next Best Action

Maximize your team’s impact

Collections Activity Management

  • Work in One Application
    The customer 360-degree view and communication tools gives needed to manage credit and collect saving time switching between applications.
  • Focus on the Right Activities
    Work management automates assignments, priorities, and escalations of activities according to your business rules.
  • Use Time Efficiently
    Smart activities automate pre-activity preparation and post-activity logging to maximize time on the activities themselves.
  • Collect Your Way
    Leverage our best practices or use your own by configuring menus, screens, and activities.

Optimize your performance

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Keep Stakeholders up to Date
    Receivables Dashboard reports the status of your receivables.
  • Identify Opportunities to Improve
    Receivables Analytics lets you get insights into your customers and operations.
  • Measure Success
    Goal Tracking reports month-to-date progress for both collections and tasks so objective attainment is easy shared.
  • Improve Each Team Member
    Coaching Analytics measures performance of individual collectors to provide data-driven coaching conversations.
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