Get ahead of your receivables.

Collect cash on-time by automating delivery of the right invoicing information to the right person at the right time.

Anytime Collect Communications

Scale your customer engagement.

  • Automate the mundane.
    Sequences automate interactions that guide customers from on-boarding through collections.
  • Handle every business rule.
    Sequence Rules trigger interactions based on a deep set of customer, aging, and predictive attributes.
  • Engage across any channel.
    Multichannel Outreach combines online access, email, texting and automated calling to reach customers when and where they’re most likely to respond.
  • Provide an integrated experience.
    Collections Consolidation aggregates accounts-receivables for multiple entities and multiple ERPs into one.

Clean out your inbox!

  • Make self-service access secure and easy.
    Magic Link Authentication lets your customers review statements and download invoices from a customer portal without having to enter a password.
  • Capture commitments.
    Promise-to-Pay records customers payment commitments and automates follow-up.
  • Accelerate dispute resolution.
    Smart Disputes provide line item annotation clarify the details of a dispute.
  • Get paid.
    Easy Pay is a one-click payment interaction and automated cash application to get your cash in the bank and on the books.
Anytime Collect Customer Portal No Inbox
Collections Cockpit Next Best Action

Maximize your team’s impact.

  • Focus your team.
    Next Best Actions uses intelligence to prioritize a team member’s tasks and provide all relevant content.
  • Maximize productivity.
    Collector’s Cockpit™ provides contextual access to tasks, interactions, accounts, reports and other critical resources.
  • Make sure everything is covered.
    Assignment Rules get the right work to the right member of your team and can even re-route work when someone is out of the office.
  • Automate administrative tasks.
    Power Tools automates dialing and recording of conversations to save your team time and ensure compliance.

Optimize your performance.

  • Keep stakeholders up to date.
    Receivables Dashboard reports the status of your receivables.
  • Identify opportunities to improve.
    Receivables Analytics lets you get insights into your customers and operations.
  • Measure success.
    Goal Tracking reports month-to-date progress for both collections and tasks so objective attainment is easy shared.
  • Improve each team member.
    Coaching Analytics measures performance of individual collectors to provide data-driven coaching conversations.
Anytime Collect Collections Success

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