As the publishers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, we work with companies of all kinds who operate across various industries; from small companies using QuickBooks to multimillion dollar companies using Enterprise ERP systems. In our experience with customers from many different industries, we have come to a realization:

No matter which industry a company is in or what kind of accounting system they use, they all struggle with the same thing- inefficiencies when it comes to managing accounts receivable and cash flow.

Our customers come to us struggling with issues directly related to a lack of standardized processes, inefficient processes, and a staff who is overwhelmed by the huge amount of time and energy it takes to collect outstanding receivables. Why? Because many of them are not using the right tools for the job. We see the same situations time and time again, which made us wonder… what tools are a business-to-business companies using to manage A/R and how prevalent is this problem in the B2B sector?

To this end we developed our survey. The goal of this survey was to better understand how midmarket B2B companies currently manage accounts receivable and what it means for the sector as a whole. The following report outlines the parameters of our survey, analyzes the results, and provides an in-depth explanation of our findings and what they mean for this large category of businesses.

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