Help your clients save hundreds of A/R hours every month.

Anytime Collect makes accounts receivable collection easy. Over 200 companies reduced their DSOs on average 53% using Anytime Collect.

Channel Partners

Many of your customers face challenges of scaling their collections process. By partnering with Lockstep, you can extend existing relationships, expand reach, and position your business as a source for clients to get fully automated solutions for credit and collections.

Partner Benefits

Partnering with Lockstep gives you an invaluable opportunity to broaden relationships with customers and become a go-to resource for all things collection related, allowing you to:

  • Build loyalty and reduce churn

  • Provide a one-stop shop for clients seeking an all-in-one solution with your company

  • Deliver a cloud-based, scalable solution that enables your customers to easily and affordably scale their collections

  • Give your customers a competitive advantage by providing a timely collecting receivables process

  • Earn a percentage on sales made to your customers and prospects

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