Integration with virtually any accounting or ERP application, including:


Anytime Collect has the ability to sync information from virtually any business software application. If the system can schedule a data extract of companies, accounts, contacts, invoices and payments, we can make the integration happen. Our ERP Integration Utilities allow for complete control over integration with virtually any ERP application or database. Utilities support three different integration methods:

1. : Our sync utility is a small application that is installed on a computer that has access to the database containing your accounting information. The sync is setup to run as a Windows job on a defined schedule to upload data stored in csv files that you extract from your accounting system.
2. Similar to our Sync Utility, auto sync leverages csv files that you extract from your accounting system on a scheduled basis. The difference is that the files are automatically uploaded as soon as they are created in a folder in your network. Unlike the Scheduled Sync, the synchronization process doesn’t have to wait for the sync utility to run.
3. Most modern business applications utilize Microsoft SQL databases on the backend. It is very easy to create SQL Views of the data which Anytime Collect can connect to providing direct integration to your SQL data. This integration option is very popular for ERP resellers and publishers who intend to build standard SQL views that can be reused across multiple customers for specific ERP business applications.
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