Designed for large, global corporations managing complex organizational structures in need of powerful accounts receivable automation

Enterprise: Includes all features of the Standard edition, including the following:


Manage multiple companies in each of your ERP business systems. Anytime Collect displays the company name and unique identification number for each customer account synchronized from the ERP database ensuring that you know which accounts belong to each ERP company.


Users can log-in to the software in different languages and the software supports translation of customer-facing communications in different languages for email and report templates. Data stored in Unicode databases is displayed based on the data in the database in special characters or left-to-right or right-to-left display.

Credit Teams

Create credit teams by associating credit users with credit managers to define reporting hierarchies. Create reports and inquiries to stay on top of your team members’ activities and utilize built-in escalations and alerts to notify you when you need to get involved in more complex and serious credit and collections issues.

  • “We no longer need to waste time working with spreadsheets and aging reports and the staff at e2b is always most helpful and willing to assist however they can. We simply couldn’t be happier with Anytime Collect and recommend it to anyone that needs a better way to manage their accounts receivable.”

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