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How to Benchmark Your Company’s DSO

DSO provides an indication of how much of your company’s cash is being used to finance customer accounts receivable. It can tell you if you are headed into a cash trap, where too much of

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How to Calculate DSO

DSO or Days Sales Outstanding is one of the most commonly used metrics to assess accounts receivable quality and collection efficiency. It is calculated by dividing accounts receivable at the end of the period

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Reducing DSO: The Strategy

DSO can suck up your company’s much needed cash resources and keep your company in a cash trap. Manual collections and accounts receivable create bottlenecks that allow DSO to grow and hamper your AR

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Reducing DSO: The Bottleneck

Is your company in a cash trap with too much money tied up in DSO, and you can’t seem to reduce DSO no matter how hard your AR team tries? If your answer is

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Reducing DSO: The Benefits

Business is good. Orders and shipments are soaring. But, you are running out of cash to pay suppliers, employees and operating expenses. Sound familiar? You may be caught in a cash trap. Cash is

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