”They are a wonderful team to work with. When I call/email/submit a ticket I get a response almost immediately. Have you ever had to call for support and you end up speaking to someone in a call-center somewhere overseas and the language barrier makes it very difficult to understand them?? Anytime Collect is NOT that – at all”

Anytime Collect offers many different options to support users with the system. Not only do we help to make sure users are comfortable using Anytime Collect, but help them with accounts receivable best practices and efficiency goals. Every user can attend monthly free training sessions covering how best to use the software in order to reach the highest ROI. Users are encouraged to join our monthly user group sessions, where customers can meet virtually to discuss best practices, software features, discuss common issues and make suggestions for future updates. Anytime Collect also offers a ZenDesk community where users can place support requests and holds hundreds of articles on how to best use the software, how to navigate the software, how-to videos, recordings of training videos and more. Users are also encouraged to participate in the ZenDesk community to ask and respond to others questions.