The #1 Customer Engagement Platform for Accounts Receivable

Collect cash on-time by targeting, prioritizing, and analyzing customer interactions.


Make Every Customer Interaction Pay Off

– trigger automated interactions that guide customers from onboarding through collections to improve your on-time collections.
– populate interactions with relevant customer, invoice, and payment data to make it easy for customers to take action.
– combines email, texting, and automated calling to reach customers when and where they’re most likely to respond.
– keeps customer details accurate to improve deliverability of all your interactions.
– is a one-click payment interaction and automated cash application to get your cash in the bank and on the books.
– is self-service customer access to review statements, download invoices, initiate a dispute, or make a payment to save time for both you and your customers.
– are proven best-practice sequences to accelerate your time to value.

Align Your Team for Maximum Impact

– create prioritized team member tasks with relevant content for when the human touch is the more effective customer interaction.
– capture and manage customer requests to ensure timely response that keeps your cash flowing.
– track issues and resolutions to unlock withheld payments.
– automates dialing and recording of conversations to save your team time and ensure compliance.

    Optimize Your Receivables Performance

    – reports the status of your receivables so you can keep stakeholders up to date.
    – lets you get insights into your customers and operations to identify opportunities for improvements.
    – measures performance of individual collectors and the team to provide data-driven coaching conversations.


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