Designed for growing corporations who need a better way to manage their accounts receivable, credit, and collections processes

Standard: Includes all features of the Express edition, including the following:

Prioritized Action Lists

Actions are generated based on rules at either the account or invoice level to alert each credit user of their prioritized task list. Anytime Collect tells you who to call, what to email, and what invoices triggered the action in a single system so you can quickly view account and contact information, communication history, recent payments, and invoice detail with just a few mouse-clicks.

Invoice Dispute Management

Reports can be produced to analyze disputes by reason code for root-cause analysis to identify internal or external issues that need to be resolved to prevent them from happening again. Further, credit representatives can manage all communications, documents, and files related to the dispute.

Cash Forecasting

Anytime Collect provides a projected cash forecast based on each customer’s payment history using ranges of invoice sizes. The system analyzes all open invoices for all customers providing a statistical cash forecast from the next 7 days out to 35 days. Credit representatives may also define expected payments when customers tell them that they will send a check or make a payment for a specific amount by a specific date.

  • “We’ve just been extremely pleased. We love the fact that on the dashboard you can see your projected cash receipts over the next 35 days. There are so many wonderful tools and information that is brings to the forefront for you to see where your accounts receivable is currently at and how it’s performing. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and we really love the product.”

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