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Credit information is vital for every business. Extend credit to the wrong customer and you could face huge losses and expensive legal battles and you may be missing opportunities to extend more credit to your best customers to earn more of their business. Anytime Collect arms you with the information you need to make smart business credit decisions. You can pull credit information from reporting bureaus such as the NACM Trade Credit Report and even report data back.

NACM Trade Credit Report

The National Association of Credit Management provides one of the most comprehensive, affordable, and unique credit reports available on the market including trade lines from the members of 40 different NACM locations including over 10,000 NACM Credit Group members. These trade lines are submitted through Credit Groups, full accounts receivable submissions and ratings. Each NACM affiliate is identified in the report, with the trade lines from that affiliate displaying underneath their name.

Anytime Collect offers embedded integration with the NACM Trade Credit Report. You can review credit reports online from within the software and store the report. Credit reports are stored as PDF attachments in the customer’s account folder, details from the report are stored as notes against the account, and credit data is captured and stored in various fields throughout the application. You can use this data to create custom credit scoring algorithms combined with our own internal data and you can setup alerts so you can monitor customers based on credit scores and generate reports for customers who are due for periodic credit reviews.

Reporting your accounts receivable back to the NACM is automatic but you can flag accounts that you want to exclude from reporting for various reasons.


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