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ERP Integration

Anytime Collect provides direct integration to popular accounting and ERP business applications including Sage, Microsoft, Epicor (Epicor Cash Collect), and QuickBooks. Integration with other systems is provided through a csv flat-file integration utility for systems such as Infor, SAP, Oracle, Exact Software, and others. The data synchronization is setup once and schedules data to be synchronized between your accounting system and the Anytime Collect database. Customer accounts, contacts, invoices, payments, and payment applications are moved into Anytime Collect with subsequent synchronizations updating information or adding new information from your backoffice business application.

Anytime Collect may be integrated to a single ERP database or to multiple data sources. For example, you may utilize more than one ERP system in different companies. Anytime Collect can integrate to all of these systems, as well as other data sources, providing you with a centralized application for accounts receivable credit and collection management and reporting.
ERP Integrations

Intuit QuickBooks

Anytime Collect integrates seamlessly with Intuit QuickBooks using Intuit’s Integration Partner Platform (IPP) toolset available on the QuickBooks Marketplace or through the QuickBooks software developer kit (SDK) for companies that are unable to utilize the IPP integration. The IPP integration allows users to try the software for 30 days with direct connection to your QuickBooks data and streamlined system configuration for self-implemented systems. Try the QuickBooks IPP integration here.
Intuit QuickBooks Integration

Email Integration

Email is created within Anytime Collect and transmitted through your hosted or premise email application. Inbound responses from customers are retrieved from the hosted email application and either stored in Anytime Collect or referenced from within Anytime Collect from the email provider providing direct access to all inbound and outbound customer communication.

Cloud Email

Anytime Collect integrates with cloud-based email systems such as (Hotmail), Gmail, GoDaddy, and other hosted email providers.
Outlook integration Gmail integration integration

Premise Email

Companies may choose to integrate Anytime Collect with their premise email systems such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM’s Lotus email applications. Premise email integration works the same as cloud email but requires additional configuration to ensure that the system can access data within your domain.
Microsoft Exchange integration IBM integration

Document Integration

Anytime Collect integrates to many document management systems to retrieve PDF copies of original invoices and supporting documents which may be attached to customer emails. A popular option is Anytime Docs which allows you to print invoice batches which generates a single PDF for each invoice, filing the PDF copies in a directory which can be accessed by Anytime Collect. Contact us today to learn more about document integration options.
LiveChat is available for customers to use to engage in online chat conversations with their accounts receivable credit and collection contacts who are logged into the Anytime Collect customer portal. More information is available on LiveChat’s website.
Epicor Cash Collect
Epicor Cash Collect is a robust accounts receivable collections module for Epicor ERP. It’s like having the Epicor collections module that you always wished was available to help you streamline your a/r collections activities. Deployed via the internet as a cloud application, Epicor Cash Collect synchronizes data automatically from your Epicor ERP database.

Custom Integration

Integration with other systems is available through our professional services group. Contact us today to discuss your specific integration needs.
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