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A/R Management for Your Industry

Would you buy an accounting system that didn’t have a strong inventory module if you’re a distributor? Would you use an ERP system designed for manufacturers if you need strong estimating capabilities for your construction business? Of course you wouldn’t. That’s why we offer Anytime Collect with specific capabilities designed for your unique industry and business requirements. So don’t use generic off-the-shelf software to manage one of your largest business assets and your most important source of working capital when you can have a system tailored to your industry needs.
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Advertising agencies and media outlets of every kind struggle to manage accounts receivable. Perhaps that’s why so many advertising and media companies use Anytime Collect to get paid faster. Check out industry success stories from Mspark and HealthDay. Specific features designed for advertising and media businesses include:
  • Flexible invoicing and communications by contract
  • Recurring invoice collections
  • Send tear sheets with collection letters for proof of service
Accounts Receivable for Advertising / Media

Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing / Mining

Landscapers, commercial growers, nurseries, mining and drilling operations, and other agriculture, forestry, and fishing businesses rely on Anytime Collect to help them reduce their accounts receivable. Anytime Collect can help you:
  • Manage retailer and wholesaler invoices
  • Track and manage disputes for product and service sales
  • Gain insights into A/R by project, job, or contract across multiple invoices
Accounts Receivable for Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing / Mining

Business Services

Business consultants, engineering firms, accountants, janitorial businesses, pest control, and other companies that provide business services are among the worst of all industries when it comes to managing their working capital. Anytime Collect is the ideal solution for your company so you can focus on providing quality services by putting your accounts receivable on auto pilot.
  • Include timesheets with collection letters and invoices for proof of service
  • Manage credit and collections by project and task
  • Review service contract details directly from the collections system
Accounts Receivable Business Services

Computer Software

Software publishers and computer software resellers have no greater asset than their accounts receivable. They work in an intangible world of bytes and bits providing technology solutions for customers who rely on them to provide implementation, consulting, training, and support services to ensure their success. Anytime Collect is the premier choice for computer software companies – with many customers getting paid 20-30 days faster by automating their A/R processes. Check out an industry success story from Sonic Solutions.
  • Configurable collections work lists by customer type
  • View project and task details for consulting and support invoices
  • Send employee timesheets with invoices for proof of service
Accounts Receivable Computer Software

Construction / Real Estate

Construction and real estate businesses rely on healthy cash flow to buy materials and to pay employees, subcontractors, and agents. Cash flow is key to your business and you simply cannot afford to miss dates for filing mechanics liens or mismanaging the lien process. It’s no wonder that so many businesses rely on Anytime Collect as the foundation building their businesses.
  • Know when to file mechanics liens based on state lien laws
  • Manage recurring invoices for tenant rentals
  • Indentify disputes early to avoid cash flow issues
Accounts Receivable Construction Real Estate

Finance / Insurance

Finance and insurance companies understand the value of accounts receivable. They know that the longer an invoice goes unpaid, the less likely that it’ll ever be paid and financing costs for borrowing money to make-up for cash flow shortfalls erode profitability. Anytime Collect helps finance and insurance companies to get paid faster and easier than ever before increasing profits and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Send invoices and statements to clients electronically
  • Provide statements online with integrated online bill pay
  • Include supporting documents such as contracts and policies with invoices
Accounts Receivable Finance Insurance

IT Consulting / Managed Services

Technology consulting firms and Managed Service Providers (MSP) often struggle to manage their working capital. Anytime Collect streamlines the accounts receivable process helping you get paid days to weeks faster with less effort than you could ever imagine. Check out an industry success story from Systems Maintenance Services.
  • Include timesheets with invoices for proof of services provided
  • Manage recurring invoice collections
  • Provide online statements with integrated bill pay features
Accounts Receivable IT Consulting Managed Services

Attorneys are busy, often too busy to effectively manage invoices. Anytime Collect streamlines the collection process by automating invoice delivery and scheduling actions for accounting staff to follow-up on past due invoices so they know exactly who to call, when, and why with all of the information they need at their fingertips.
  • View pre-paid retainers and credit memos during collection activities
  • Include timesheets to support client invoices to avoid invoice disputes
  • Manage client relationships and special payment terms
Accounts Receivable Leagal Services


It doesn’t matter whether you process chemicals or you assemble capital equipment or whether you make to stock or make to order – chances are that your accounts receivable is a disaster. Manufacturers specialize in adding value and producing new products. For many manufacturers, accounting is an afterthought and accounts receivable management is even less of a consideration. But the reality is that manufacturers who effectively manage their accounts receivable are much more successful because they reduce their overhead and operating costs allowing them to invest in research and development while offering their products at more competitive prices than the competition.
  • Integrate sales order and work order information to resolve invoice disputes faster
  • View shipments, freight, and bills of lading – common reasons for companies to delay payment
  • Provide account credit and collections information for internal sales reps or external brokers, dealers, or manufacturers reps – online, anytime, anywhere
Accounts Receivable Manufacturing

Medical / Healthcare

Anytime Collect is not designed for third party medical billing and collections yet it’s a popular solution for many medical and healthcare companies including physicians, chiropractors, home healthcare, and similar businesses.
  • HIPPA compliant security provided through Microsoft Azure
  • Enable customers to pay online via a secured self service portal
  • Exclude amounts from bills for negotiated payment on outstanding accounts
Accounts Receivable Medical Healthcare


Many municipalities struggle to manage bills for waste management, utilities, taxes, and other services. Anytime Collect integrates to your government business software allowing you to focus on serving your constituents instead of your financials.
  • Send tax statements via email, fax, or postal service with secure online bill pay
  • Utility and service bill collection with statements and online bill pay
  • Integrate Anytime Collect with your core municipal business software or to multiple disparate systems for a comprehensive view of your outstanding accounts receivable
Accounts Receivable for Municipalities

Non-Profit / Membership Associations

Non-Profits don’t have accounts receivable. Wrong. That’s what many people think but non-profits need to manage every aspect of their fundraising process along with grants, membership dues and renewals, and other activities. Cash flow is critical to all non-profits and Anytime Collect can help.
  • Manage collections for pledged donations
  • Get paid faster on member renewals, dues, and fees for special events
  • Accept online payments to streamline collection efforts
Accounts Receivable Non-Profit Membership Associations

Retail / Rental / Hospitality

Why would a retail and hospitality businesses need to manage accounts receivable? While much of their sales are cash, there is a growing need for credit sales to business customers and in some cases – to consumers. Building supply stores extending credit to local contractors, restaurants offering business catering services, plumbing and HVAC stores providing installation services, equipment rental businesses, and hotels that rent facilities are among the many examples of retail and hospitality businesses that can benefit from Anytime Collect.
  • Send invoices and collection letters for sales, rentals, or services
  • Allow customers to pay their bills online in a secure customer self-service portal
  • Manage collections for recurring invoices for facility or equipment rental, product loss or damage, and for recurring business services
Accounts Receivable for Retail Rental Hospitality

Transportation / Logistics

Freight Invoicing is probably one of the most difficult tasks in your business. There are probably more reasons to dispute a freight bill than there are stars in the night sky. Anytime Collect makes dispute management a breeze for transportation and logistics companies enabling them to focus on their business instead of their accounts receivable.
  • Identify freight bill disputes by reason code with analytics to uncover the source problem so you can get paid faster in the future
  • Integrate specific information from your transportation management system (TMS) such as Pro Numbers, Accesorials, and Fuel Charges
  • Automate invoice and statement delivery with embedded links so customers can quickly and easily pay accounts online
  • Include proof of delivery documents with freight invoices
Accounts Receivable for Transportation Logistics


There’s a better way for utility companies to ensure that they get paid on time. There’s no need to expensive website programming to provide customers with online access to bills and you don’t need to invest in costly electronic delivery systems to send statements to customers. No, Anytime Collect can help you improve customer service through built-in automation and customer self-service features.
  • Online customer portal for customer statements
  • Electronic delivery of bills via email
  • PCI-compliant, online bill pay
Accounts Receivable for Utilities

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors typically operate on very slim margins yet they’re among the worst industries when it comes to getting paid. It should be easy – the customer orders a product, you ship it, and they pay you. You’ve implemented just-in-time strategies to reduce inventory which should improve your working capital but things just aren’t getting any easier. And you’re expected to pay commission to sales reps, brokers, and dealers – often when you haven’t been paid yourself. Anytime Collect will help you get paid faster and reduce outstanding accounts receivable while ensuring you get the next order by improving your customer experience – something that’s increasingly important given domestic and global competition, increased operational costs, and shrinking margins due to product commoditization. Check out an industry success story from HosePower USA.
  • Manage invoice disputes and prevent them from happening again through built-in business intelligence and reporting
  • Review shipment, bill of lading, and freight information for invoices
  • Manage established accounts different than new accounts and define optimal workflow for customers based on their industry
Accounts Receivable Wholesale Distribution
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